Analysis of the Covid-19 Crisis!

Analysis of the Covid-19 Crisis in Cheyenne

Chiropractic Cheyenne WY Covid-19 Update

The COVID-19 Crisis is the topic of conversation almost anywhere you turn.

From the nightly news, to Facebook, or socially distanced conversations with friends, it's all centered around one thing, Coronavirus. Very few of us would have believed that a virus could shut down the world economy in 2020, with all of modern medicine's marvels and lessons from the past, surely it couldn't happen to us, again.

Well, it did, and it is. It's such a difficult topic, with so many overlapping layers.

Suddenly, everybody has an opinion on the politics, the epidemiology, and the treatment of COVID-19 in Cheyenne.


In fact, there are so many opinions, it's really, REALLY difficult to know just who or what to believe. Many of the experts disagree, and the news outlets seem to all be singing quite different tunes, even though, theoretically, they're singing the same song.

I like to share opinions from what are in my opinion, well-reasoned experts. People who present a balanced opinion, weighted in the evidence, while at the same time acknowledging all of the many unknowns that we're still dealing within a constantly evolving situation.

I like to think that when it comes to my area of expertise, evidence-based chiropractic care, I present a similarly valuable opinion.

On COVID-19 in Cheyenne, however, I'm more of a spectator. I can reinforce the fundamentals of good health, but beyond that, I'll defer to my friends in the medical community.

Zdoggmd, a medical doctor and public speaker, presents an incredibly sound and well reasoned analysis of the Covid-19 Crisis. It's well worth the time to listen.

My FAVORITE part is where he attacks chiropractors (around the 19:20 mark) and I couldn't AGREE more! That part only takes a minute, please listen.


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