Auto Accidents in Cheyenne

Chiropractic Cheyenne WY Auto Accident Common Injuries

Car Accidents in Cheyenne are an unfortunate reality in modern life.

They can be very stressful, physically, emotionally, and financially. Car accidents bring their own long checklist of meetings, repairs, and appointments to attend to. With all of this going on, it may be tempting to put off caring for yourself, which is why many people make the mistake of waiting it out, to see if they feel better on their own.

The problem with this is that when tissues don’t heal properly scars can form and function can be diminished, which doesn’t feel like much, at first. The consequences of the accident may not begin to appear until weeks, months, or even years later, long after insurance is “off the hook” for paying for the accident.

Long term consequences of auto accidents in Cheyenne include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Arm numbness and tingling
  • Back and Neck Stiffness
  • Muscle Tension

Even Minor Accidents Can Cause Injury

You may think that your accident was too minor to cause any injuries, there wasn’t even much damage to the car, but the science would disagree with you. When there is no damage to the vehicle, that means that it didn’t absorb the energy of the accident, but rather transferred that energy to YOU. Even accidents at under 10 mph can cause damage. It’s better to be safe and have your spine checked to reduce the odds of pain, headaches, arthritis, and nerve pain in the future.

Don’t want to be “Cracked”?

Improving function and mobility of a spine soon after an acute injury doesn’t have to be painful. At Spine+Fit, we offer “no-crack” techniques that are highly effective, and extremely gentle to improve the spine without fear or discomfort.

Fully Recovered

Once the spine has regained mobility and function, we use our on-site fitness facility to rehabilitate and strengthen the associated muscles. In this way both the spine and the soft tissues will heal optimally, with less chance of long term dysfunction. After all, the tissues damaged in the accident

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