workers compensation chiropractor cheyenne wy

Injured at work in Wyoming?  It happens.  This is what you need to know. 

Please note that this is NOT legal advice, just a few helpful tips.

 1:  Write things down!  Memories fade and mistakes occurr.  Writing things down as soon as you can about the situation can be EXTREMELY helpful down the road.  What happened?  Who was there?  What was your role in the situation?  It doesn't have to be fancy, or official, just jot down your memories as soon as you can after the situation.  If possible, having any witnesses write down what they remember can also be very helpful as time goes on.  Here is a link to the official injury report form from Wyoming Worker's Compensation.

2:  Be honest.  Yes, fraud of the system does occurr, and the state agency is very aware of this.  That doesn't mean that you should bend or distort your report in order to make the situation sound more legitimate.  Just be honest and work with the case manager and healthcare providers to provide the most complete and accurate information available.

3:  Take responsibility for your recovery.  Receiving prompt medical evaluation, keeping records, and actively participating in your recovery will go a long ways towards ensuring that you can return to pre-accident status.  Yes, you should follow the professional healthcare provider's advice, but you, as the injured person, should be actively involved and participate fully in getting back to YOUR life.

For 15 years, I have been proud to help Wyoming's Occupational Athletes recover from workplace injuries, and look forward to continuing to provide this service at Spine+Fit Clinic in Cheyenne.

If you find yourself injured in the state of Wyoming, I think you'll find that Wyoming Worker's Compensation will be a powerful ally in helping you get your life back on track.

For some official advice, please see this helpful link: