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Finding the best chiropractor for you can be hard, even for a chiropractor.  

Chiropractors can vary greatly, and there is less standardization than in most healthcare professions.  While “fit” is difficult to predict, here are five tips that I think will help you to find the best chiropractor (for you) in Cheyenne.

1.  Similar Goals

Your goals, and that of your chiropractor, should be similar.  A patient focused on short term pain relief, and a chiropractor focused on long term wellness care, are not likely to see “eye to eye” for very long.  Make sure that the chiropractor understands your goals for seeking care, and that all parties involved are looking for a similar outcome.

2.  Technique

There are over 100 named chiropractic techniques.  While traditional manual adjustments (the popping and cracking type) are a dominant feature within many of the different techniques, it’s not part of all of them.  Aside from manual adjustments, there are techniques with low force instruments, specialized tables to decompress, and tables that help the doctor move the spine with less force.  Some techniques require x-rays on all patients, other doctors only order x-rays when medically necessary. 

None of the different techniques have been proven superior in terms of outcomes, so much of this decision comes down to preference. Comfort is a major factor, whether or not the patient likes how the treatment feels, and also confidence of the patient in the chosen treatment style.  Some people do not like the popping and cracking of manual adjustments, while others strongly prefer that style.

If the chiropractor and the patient are on the same page when it comes to preferred technique, the experience is much more likely to be positive.

3.  Personality

Finding a chiropractor that you enjoy working with can be very important.  Different chiropractors, like any professional, will have different styles.  Some patients prefer a more time efficient treatment, while others prefer a slower process.  Whether faster or slower, chatty or quiet, finding a chiropractor that fits your style can be very important.

4.  Specialty

Consider the chiropractor’s preferred practice focus.  Some chiropractors focus on treating and rehabilitating back and neck pain, others prefer to focus on a wellness/preventative model rather than dealing with pain.  

Some chiropractors may prefer to work with children, others athletes, or maybe those over 65 years of age. Finding an office that is familiar with your general demographics can be extremely helpful.

5.  Financial Policy

Consider your financial arrangement with a prospective chiropractor.  Some offices accept and bill a wide variety of insurance plans, others are strictly cash.  Some doctors work with personal injury or workman’s compensation cases, and others prefer not to get involved with these situations.  

Discounts may apply for those paying for their own care vs insurance coverage. Insurance plans vary greatly, as do office policies, so it’s a good idea to check this out as you are choosing a chiropractor.

Finding the best chiropractor can take a bit of trial and error, but I think you'll find that it's worth it when you find a provider that really fits. 

It helps all of us, chiropractors and patients alike, if these experiences are positive and productive so I hope that these tips help you find the best chiropractor (for you) in Cheyenne.