Cheyenne Chiropractor on Vaccines

Cheyenne Chiropractor on Vaccines

Chiropractic Cheyenne WY Cheyenne Chiropractor On Vaccines

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Cheyenne Chiropractor, Dean Lehmkuhler, has no professional advice when it comes to the safety, efficacy, or administration of vaccines. When pressed, Dr. Lehmkuhler explained that while he did have education in immunology, epidemiology, and vaccine administration during his professional training, he feels that he is in no way an expert on vaccines.

His professional opinion is that these decisions should be made by actual experts in the applicable fields, based on the best available scientific evidence.

As a chiropractor who is specifically focused on providing the best level of evidence-based care for back and neck pain patients, he does not feel qualified to comment professionally on a topic he considers to be outside of his area of expertise.

Dr. Lehmkuhler holds fast in this opinion, despite a plethora of internet conspiracy theorist’s objections.

“If patients have concerns about vaccines, I’d encourage them to have a conversation with their medical physicians.”

Note: Dr. Lehmkuhler was not in fact bribed, nor coerced into these statements by pressure from Big Pharma... 🙂

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