The science is clear, combining Chiropractic care with targeted exercise produces the best level of recovery from most types of back pain. 

We customize a plan for each individual patient.  The plan may include a simple chiropractic adjustment for some patients, or a complete plan with chiropractic care, decompression, acupuncture, class IV laser therapy and rehabilitation exercise for others.  We use the best tools available to help your individual case depending on your condition, your health history, and your preferences.

You don't have to choose between chiropractic and rehabilitation, just choose to get better, and we'll guide you towards your goals.   #getbetterstaybetter

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Afraid of Chiropractic?

No need to be scared of the twisting and cracking offered by most chiropractors.  We offer effective "no-crack" treatments that are gentle and comfortable for patients who prefer a gentle approach.  Cox Technique and Neuromechanical Systems are two scientifically proven "no crack" strategies available from Dr. Dean Lehmkuhler.

For those patients who prefer a more traditional chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Lehmkuhler brings 15+ years of experience to provide the highest level of "hands on" adjustment available.

Spine+Fit Clinic patients receive a customized plan to help them #getbetterstaybetter.

The Spine+Fit System

Solution Focused Approach to Defeat Back Pain

Detailed Evaluation
We listen to your story, evaluate your condition, and answer any questions you may have.
Effective Treatment
We give you a customized treatment plan based on the best scientific evidence.
Functional Rehabilitation
We show you the stretches and exercises you need to get better and stay better.

"Best chiropractic care I've received in a long time.

Dr. Dean is very caring, attentive, and upfront. He truly wants to understand the root cause of your problem and help you correct it. Highly recommended."

-Jan Erickson, Google Review

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