“Just Win, Baby!”

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Chiropractic Cheyenne WY Just Win It

Too many people in Cheyenne WY are suffering from back pain, looking for answers, looking for help, looking for a teammate to help them win their unique case.

Getting back to a full and active life in Cheyenne that is not limited by pain is the only thing that matters.

It’s all about winning the case in Cheyenne

It doesn’t matter if it’s a specific chiropractic adjustment, the ideal stretch, a perfectly targeted exercise, or simple home care advice to prevent flare-ups.

Treatment of any condition, but especially of back pain, should be a cooperative effort between the doctor and the patient. I don't know how many times a patient's comment, or simple observation has given me a vital clue that completely turned the case around. A "cookie-cutter" program with minimal ongoing evaluation performed by a doctor in a hurry, or in an office where improved x-rays are the primary treatment goal may be more likely to miss these clues.

It's the nuance, the dance of treatment and response, the changes in function and symptom character that often guide us to the correct path. Therein lies the art of healthcare.

As your Cheyenne Chiropractor, my process begins with a detailed history and exam, but like any evolving process, those ideas and results must be continually refined, with each and every interaction, as to improve the "recipe" in order to obtain the optimal outcome.

Form a hypothesis, test, interpret the results. Update hypothesis, test, interpret the updated results. The process should be a living and active entity in any effective treatment plan.

At Spine+Fit Clinic, our goal is simple, to help each patient to Get Better, Stay Better, and Live Better by doing whatever it takes. Schedule your new patient appointment with Spine+Fit today!

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