Too many people in Cheyenne are struggling with chronic back pain.

We want to get you feeling better and moving well so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.


Whether you have a recent injury, a stubborn old injury, or are simply tired of losing ground to Father Time, we would like to talk to YOU about achieving YOUR goals.  

We offer evidence-based chiropractic care with a full gym on-site. 

This ensures you get treatment that works and the quickest recovery times.

We help you get better, stay better, and live better

After we have improved the way the body moves, we reinforce it with fun and efficient strength training to help make the improvements permanent!  This will enable you to complete those home improvement projects, finish strong through 18 holes of golf, or play with the kids without fear!

The Spine+Fit System

Solution Focused Approach to Defeat Back Pain

Detailed Evaluation
We listen to your story, evaluate your condition, and answer any questions you may have.
Effective Treatment
We give you a customized treatment plan based on the best scientific evidence.
Functional Rehabilitation
We show you the stretches and exercises you need to get better and stay better.

"Best chiropractic care I've received in a long time.

Dr. Dean is very caring, attentive, and upfront. He truly wants to understand the root cause of your problem and help you correct it. Highly recommended."

-Jan Erickson, Google Review

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Throughout our work together, you will understand your condition, how to help yourself, and how we can help you.