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Payment Options in Cheyenne

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Like you, I must always consider costs associated with healthcare decisions.

Spine+Fit Clinic, your Cheyenne chiropractor, strives to be a cost-effective solution for conditions that lie within the chiropractor's scope of practice.

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***If your insurance company is not listed, we are still happy to help you by billing your company from our office.

We also work with auto insurers and attorneys to ensure the best outcomes for those injured in car, work, or personal injury accidents.

For those with high deductible insurance, or no insurance coverage, we offer a 20% Time of Service discount.

It's always bothered me that insurance companies paid less for a given service than a cash-paying person, so this is how we are allowed (legally) to offer a reduced fee. Since I don't incur the expense of having my staff bill, track, fill out extra forms, or occasionally arguing with any insurance companies, I get to (legally) pass those savings on to you.

(We also work with individuals on hardship situations, payment plans, and other accommodations as necessary.)

Our fees are based off of industry standards which are basically determined what Medicare and BCBS pay for our services. We keep it simple and always strive to be of the highest value.


It's important to also note what we do NOT do.

  • We DO NOT do long term contracts, obligating you to care that you may not want or need.
  • We do NOT waive copays or coinsurance. We are contractually obligated to collect those amounts and failure to do so could result in legal action against my practice, and possibly the patient, as a form of insurance fraud. So, what may seem like a practice or doctor doing you a favor or being "a nice guy", could result in significant problems down the road. It's far better to play by the rules and focus instead on delivering excellent value for each healthcare dollar spent.

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