The Covid-19 Battles

The Covid-19 Battles in Cheyenne

Chiropractic Cheyenne WY COVID-19 Battles

We’re under attack.

COVID-19 is attacking humanity. It’s killing people. It’s causing mayhem at levels unprecedented in the last 100 years. We, us humans, are at war.

But, us humans are winning this war at a very high percentage. We will overcome COVID-19 in Cheyenne. When all is said and done, and the scientists have the benefit of time and perspective, mortality may end up around .5-2%. That’s a terrifying number. It’s even more terrifying to think of the individual stories associated with those who are lost.

But on the other hand, we, us humans, are winning 98-99.5% of these individual battles. That’s reason to be optimistic. To have hope that we will get this under control. That our scientists will develop vaccines, as they have done with so many horrible diseases in the past. Diseases which have been much more contagious, or much more lethal.

We, us humans, will overcome COVID-19

But, in the meantime….

There’s currently no vaccine, there’s no effective treatment. The only effective resistance to this virus is the human immune system. We often take it for granted, but it’s like having Chuck Norris on your side. It’s regularly fighting off bacteria, parasites, viruses, cancer, and the like. Every. Single. Day.

As a chiropractor I’d love to say that there’s clinical evidence that my care will improve your immune response. I can’t. That evidence doesn’t exist. It simply DOES. NOT. EXIST. Not yet anyway. The same can be said for nutritional supplements. You can’t “boost the immune system” with any adjustment or any supplement. Sorry.

And really, when you think about it, would you really want to? Much of the pneumonia that is causing death is due to the response of the immune system to the virus, not the virus itself. I fear that if we could actually “boost the immune system” as so many are claiming (for their own financial benefit), it may actually cause more deaths rather than fewer.

Ideally, you want your immune system to respond appropriately. Not too little, not too much. You really want to Goldilocks this one, get it juuuuust right…

But, many things we do on a regular basis are reducing the ability of our immune systems to fight the good fight. Too much stress, too little sleep, high sugar consumption, too much alcohol or caffeine, etc. Get the picture?

So, focus there. Focus on the fundamentals. Don’t look for magic pills, or adjustments, or shortcuts. When the pressure is on, focus on the fundamentals, always.


  • Sleep: 7-9 hours. This is VERY important. Make it happen. Seriously. Consult experts in the field if necessary.
  • Stress: Less is more. Sleep helps. Exercise helps. Laughter helps. Maybe funny movies can offer a reasonable "immune system boost" if it makes you laugh and relax, and “think happy thoughts” like Peter Pan. (Ricky Bobby is a personal favorite if you need suggestions). Either way, worrying about the virus is counterproductive when it increases your stress levels.
  • Exercise: Just move. Don’t go crazy. It takes less than you think. Walk. Break a sweat. Lift something sort of heavy. You don’t have to kill yourself. Keep it simple, you don’t have to train like you’re trying to go to the Olympics.
  • Diet: Focus on protein, vegetables, and drink a bit of water. Avoid sugar most of the time. Simple enough.
  • Alcohol and Caffeine: Be aware of consumption levels. Moderation.

We’ll get through this. We, us humans, are doing really well even though it’s humbling, and confusing, and terrifying. Focus on what you can do. Focus on the fundamentals. In times of stress, ALWAYS focus on the fundamentals.

In health,

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