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Low back pain affects almost all adults at some point in their lives.

It is the number one cause of disability worldwide and costs us approximately $200 Billion (yes, with a B) dollars per year when you combine treatment costs and lost productivity at work. Low back pain affects us all.

Low back pain takes a huge personal toll on the workers and their families in Cheyenne.

Having experienced a severe back injury in Cheyenne myself, I can tell you from personal experience that it changes lives, and not for the better.

There is a huge economic cost as well.

Employers are losing valuable and skilled employees which reduces overall productivity and increases the costs associated with hiring and training new people, not to mention Workman's Compensation premium costs. It is FAR better to teach and train these valuable workers to protect themselves through proper technique and conditioning. Cursory advice to “lift with your knees” is far from adequate. We can, and must do better.

People who work in strenuous occupations are particularly vulnerable to this potentially debilitating condition. Whether it’s finishing concrete, hanging drywall, or transferring patients, many occupations require activities that place a great deal of stress on the spine. For too long, we have been reactive rather than proactive when it comes to this global epidemic. This reactive approach is NOT working.

The World Health Organization (WHO) describes the low back pain epidemic in rather dismal terms:

“At present low back pain is treated mainly with analgesics. The causes of lower back pain are rarely addressed. Alternative treatments include physical therapy, rehabilitation and spinal manipulation. Disc surgery remains the last option when all other strategies have failed, but the outcomes are disappointing.”

It is FAR better to be proactive in this battle against back pain.

The biggest challenge in accomplishing this change is that we tend to only learn and apply proper technique and conditioning AFTER the injury, when both pain levels and motivation for changes are high. While it may indeed be better late than never, I think we must reframe this conversation in order to motivate workers to learn and apply spine protecting technique and conditioning, and to motivate their employers to provide this education and training.

The term “occupational athlete” was coined by Dr. Stuart McGill, the leading spine biomechanics researcher in the world. I believe this term reframes this conversation in a very beneficial way. After all, I think we would all agree that it would be absolutely necessary for a 300 lb NFL lineman to practice technique and also develop the strength necessary for his job. So why does it seem strange when I suggest that a 150 lb Registered Nurse also needs technique training and a physical conditioning program? They’re both moving large bodies in difficult positions…

As a chiropractor and rehabilitation provider for 15 years, and a construction worker before that, I have seen these injuries far too many times.

Many of them are preventable. That’s why I have developed The Spine+Fit System as a multifaceted approach to this global epidemic. The Spine+Fit Clinic provides state of the art treatment and rehabilitation, based on scientific evidence, and tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Spine+Fit Gym is a back safe environment to teach and train protective movement strategies in a way that is relevant and engaging. When utilized together, it is a powerful “one-two punch” in the battle against low back pain.

The Spine+Fit System is the place for a Complete Solution for Occupational Athletes, their families, and their employers.

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