The Stress Bucket

The Stress Bucket in Cheyenne

Chiropractic Cheyenne WY The Stress Bucket

We all have our limits.

Every. Single. Person. We can only handle so much stress, whether it’s stress from work, relationships, finances, health problems, or even intense exercise.

Think of yourself as having a 5-gallon bucket on top of your head (just bear with me…). All of your stresses go into that bucket. We’ll think of those stresses as an acidic green slime...

Difficult time at work, that goes in the bucket. Parent or child’s health struggles, that’s in the bucket too. Bills piling up? It’s all stressful slime…

Bit by bit, the stress bucket fills up with green, acidic, smelly slime. We’re aware that the bucket is getting heavier, bit by bit, but most of us expect some stress in our lives. We know it’s filling up, but we can handle it, right?

We can, for a while...

Its when the stress bucket overflows, that you start to really feel the effects in Cheyenne

You may start to get sick more frequently. You lose motivation to eat a nutritious diet. Instead, opting for the quick and satisfying lure of junk food. You may be less patient with your kids or spouse. You realize you haven’t exercised in days or weeks. Suddenly your back starts to ache and that old knee injury seems to be flaring up. Anxieties building? Lost sense of fulfillment in life?


HOPEFULLY, you or someone close to you, connects the dots (it’s not always easy to see when you’re the one wearing the slime).

By becoming aware of what’s happening, maybe you can stop the flow of additional stressors into the bucket, but sometimes you can’t control the inflow… Regardless, there is always something you CAN do.

Stress management techniques are like a spigot at the bottom of your stress bucket. By using these techniques, you open the spigot and can get rid of some of the stress slime without it getting all over you.

Maybe you like yoga, long walks or funny movies. Time with friends, a good book, or hiking in nature. Extra sleep and a nutritious diet are ALWAYS helpful, and EXERCISE, when applied appropriately, can be the most effective stress management tool of all.

The first step is admitting (and accepting) that you have a finite capacity for stress. Then, be proactive to manage your bucket, before you end up regretting it…

Take care of YOU, you’re the only one you’ve got!

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