“What is a Nutrition Coach?”

"What is a Nutrition Coach?" ... and why would anybody use one?

Chiropractic Cheyenne WY Ann Lehmkuhler "What Is A Nutrition Coach?"

Simply put, nutrition coaches are trained to guide their clients to take action in making positive changes to improve their health.

No pre-packaged foods. No "one size fits all" programs.

They help clients to identify, clarify, and set health-related goals based on the client’s values and priorities. Once these goals are set as a team, the coach helps to create a plan to take action to reach these goals, monitor progress, address roadblocks, and help maintain motivation towards the goal…

Taking action is KEY in Cheyenne!

Nutrition coaches in Cheyenne help clients make healthy changes in the areas of balancing and implementing a healthy diet, sleep practices, exercise, and water intake. They do this by educating clients on basic nutrition principles while providing motivation, accountability, and feedback based on current practices.

Accountability is extremely helpful to ACHIEVE any goal!

Do you want to lose weight, gain more lean muscle mass, improve your health, or simply feel better? A nutrition coach can be very beneficial in helping you reach all of these goals!

A nutrition coach might be the key missing component of your health and wellness team!

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Ann Lehmkuhler, a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.

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