Why Backs “Go Out”

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I get the question all the time, “Why does my back go out?”

An honest answer to the question is that your back doesn't "go out”. While it may be a very convenient explanation of what is happening, because it really does feel like something slipped out of position, it’s not very accurate.

The real reason in Cheyenne

Contrary to the commonly held belief, your vertebrae don’t slip in and out of position with various movements or activities.

Despite what it looks like on X-rays, Cheyenne Chiropractors know your spine is NOT a stack of delicately balanced Legos. Those vertebrae that look so perilously stacked on each other or even “misaligned” on an x-ray are actually strapped together by dense ligament structures and then tensioned into stability with extremely strong muscles that protect the spine from damage, most of the time… And while we may like to believe that all spines should conform to an ideal model of straight lines and perfect curves, there’s actually quite a bit of variability that is still considered “normal” and can be quite functional.

When misalignments are present, they are often an effect of the muscles guarding the painful area rather than a cause of the pain in the first place.

The injuries that many people describe as “going out” can be a combination of factors, including a spine that is "stuck" and possibly muscles that are guarding the area.
When this combination of problems is exposed, micro sprains and strains are the painful results. Every situation is unique and deserves a thorough evaluation. The solution and may require chiropractic adjustment for the stuck parts and/or rehabilitation exercise for the "weak" parts in order to fully resolve the issue, especially if it has happened repeatedly.

So, at Spine+Fit, we evaluate the spine and supporting tissues to make sure that the parts that should move, can move, and the parts that should resist movement, are able to resist movement. When that balance has been restored the spine can function optimally, the brain is happy, and the beautiful symphony of human movement is restored.

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