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Chiropractic Care + Rehabilitation Exercise = Get YOUR Life Back

Your Road to Recovery

Reduce Pain
The first step for most of our patients is to get them out of pain, FAST! Chiropractic care and advanced physiotherapeutic modalities combine to reduce symptoms.
Restore Function
Once the symptoms are reduced and the body is less guarded, we can evaluate and eliminate the root cause of the problem. This is where we help you learn to move in a way that won't bring back the pain.
Rebuild Strength
After we have improved the way the body moves, we reinforce it with functional strength training to help make the improvements permanent!

The Plan: Step by Step

Each treatment plan is customized based on your unique needs.

Spine+Fit Clinic is a solution focused practice that uses advanced Chiropractic care combined with functional rehabilitation and exercise to achieve optimal long term results for our patients. 

This isn't a "one size fits all" practice that relies upon endless adjustments.  Instead, we focus on a team approach where the doctor and patient work together to reduce pain, restore function, and rebuild strength.

Meet Dr. Dean Lehmkuhler
Treating patients in Wyoming since 2004

Dr. Dean Lehmkuhler understands how frustrating it is when back pain keeps you from doing the things you love. He is passionate about studying, applying, and combining strategies to develop a complete solution for painful backs.

The Spine+Fit System is a combination of the most effective strategies from the Chiropractic, Rehabilitation, and Strength & Conditioning fields that works to give patients the best possible long term results.

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"Dr. Dean and Ann Are A Great Team!

Dr. Dean and Ann are a great team! They not only treat your symptoms but get to the core of the problem while teaching you how to maintain your health. They taught me how to lift properly by using exercises and repetition to increase muscle memory and reinforce proper mechanics. Unlike other chiropractors who use the revolving door approach, Dr. Dean and Ann take the time to understand their patients unique situations and craft an individualized plan to meet their patient 's goals."

- Mark Ellison, Google Review

I had a pretty severe back injury and now after treatment I have a much better quality of life.

I highly recommend Dr. Dean and Ann to anyone who wants A+ care and someone who really knows beyond what is needed. I feel like most places just want to take your money and are a quick adjustment and will get you scheduled again, Dean really listens to you and asks questions to better improve your custom treatments!

- Lauren Candiarcci, Google Review 

Don't Let Back Pain Control Your Life

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